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Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires on-the-spot thinking about risks in new ways. Taking an innovative approach to managing and enhancing your company governance, risk and compliance activities can help you seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty and meet the expectations of your stakeholders.


Rosenberg Stanmore and Castle's Compliance and Risk Management Solutions team can help you drive business performance and your targeted success. 

By aligning your activities to business performance drivers, with the right resources, you can transform your program from a reactive, into a powerful tool to anticipate and mitigate any risks to drive business performance to obtain your forecasted goals.


We unite perspectives with Rosenberg Stanmore And Castle's audit team and guide you in an organic approach to governance, risk and compliance that effectively coordinates across all lines of defences for the corporate world.


We are fully prepared with up to the minute compliance changes as they occur with local tax agencies.

Canada Revenue Agency                  (CRA)    
Inland Revenue Service                     (IRS)
His Majesty Revenue And Customs (HMRC)


Contact our compliance team for further information?
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