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Our newly minted service to all our existing and new clients.

We offer services for:

- Informal trust account that is self-managed for the future benefit of your family.

Any income and/or capital gains and/or losses earned in the

in-trust account will be taxed in the trust unless the income

or capital gains are paid or made payable to the beneficiaries. 

Income tax in the trust is taxable at the highest

marginal tax rate.

- Formal trust account 

How does a formal trust work?

In a formal trust, the trustee oversees all trust account activity

and is responsible for trust tax reporting. The trustee can hold

the assets on behalf of a beneficiary for any period as

stipulated by the settlor.

Informational Interview

Whichever trust you or your family or your business partners decide upon Rosenberg Stanmore And Castle is here to assist you in your decision-making process

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